Hello and welcome to my (Kjell Lorentz Nicolaysen) humble shack-on-a-server here at the curbside of the Internet. Yes, it's an old fashioned homepage with some modern visual upgrades to avoid 90s eyeball whiplash.

Here you will find a collection of articles, notes and various projects. Essentially, it's a grab bag of things that I spent my spare time on. There is a RSS feed for those wishing to get notified of changes.



Email: KLnesyalociN@outlook.com
(Pardon the lack of an email link, but the email adress is written using the simplest anti-spam meassure I could find that actually seems to work).

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/klcn/

Mastodon: @kln@mstdn.io

GPG/PGP Key: here.
KEY ID: 0BF6 EA97 BC5E 9EB2 2A1C 0942 7BD5 47CD E4B5 BD57 (LinkedIn cross-post / Mastodon cross-post / Keybase).